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Software Support



Virus Removal – Do you have a virus bogging down your computer? Are you sick of those pesky popups? We can get your computer or device back to good health quickly. We use professional grade virus removal tools to clean up your computer and secure your personal information.

Computer Tune up – Remember how fast and smooth your computer ran when it was new? Our specialized seven step tune up program gets your computer running as fast (or even faster!) then when it was out of the box.


Operating System Support


Windows 10 Upgrade – It may sound easy to upgrade to Windows 10, but be warned, if the upgrade fails you may be left with a dysfunctional computer or worse, data loss. We offer streamlined Windows 10 upgrades to computers running Windows 7/8/8.1. Don’t miss out on the free software license from Microsoft!

Windows 10 Recovery – You may have found out the hard way that upgrading to Windows 10 was not a smooth transition. Your computer might be running super slow, or you might not even be able to boot into Windows at all anymore. We can configure your Windows 10 upgrade the proper way.

Windows 7/8/8.1 Support – We offer upgrades, support, and recovery for Windows legacy operating systems.

OS X Mac Support – Don’t be fooled, Apple technology has problems too! From operating system upgrades, networking, troubleshooting computer lag, and even virus and spam removal, Montana Computer Solutions can get your apple computer or device functioning well.

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Networking/Integration Support


Internet Connectivity – Now more than ever, having a consistent internet connection is vital from personal to business use. Maybe your computer drops the internet connection, or you cannot seem to get your router to broadcast your wireless connection. MCS specializes in onsite internet and networking setup, troubleshooting and support.

Device Integration – Nowadays it’s typical to have a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, smartTV, and Bluetooth device all under one roof. Life would be so much easier if all of your devices were synched and networked to each other! We can assist you in streamlining your computers and devices in a functional and useable setup.


Data Services


Transferring Data – Need your data from one device to go to another? We make the transferring process smooth and painless.

Backing up Data – Concerned about data loss? Be proactive and backup your data. We can help you choose the best form of data backup according to your needs.

Recovering Data – Losing your photos, videos, and documents can be a scary situation, but all may not be lost. We have top of the line professional data recovery tools that can possibly get your data back. Each situation is different and we cannot guarantee the recovery of your data. We can make the best attempt possible and have had many successful recovery cases.

Cloud Services for Data – Not sure about the Cloud? We will take the guesswork out of it and assist you in setting up and utilizing a cloud service that suits your needs.


Hardware Services


Hard Drive Upgrade/Replacement – Let’s face it: hard drives fail. Crashed hard drives need to be replaced, formatted, and loaded with a licensed operating system. If data loss is involved, we can attempt to recover what is on the failed hard drive. If programs were loaded, we can reinstall them as long as you have the valid licensing or if the program was freeware.

Memory Upgrade/Replacement – If your computer freezes, runs slow, or crashes randomly, it could be due to faulty memory. Luckily, memory can be replaced on most machines quickly. You can also choose to upgrade your memory to achieve a faster functioning system. We can help you choose the correct memory to optimize your computer.

Solid State Drive Upgrade – Want a faster, more reliable computer? Then a Solid State Drive (SSD) upgrade could be right for you. SSDs are practically fail safe and can speed up your computer dramatically. We can offer assistance in choosing the proper SSD for your computer, install it and upload the necessary operating system and programs.


Custom Services



Onsite Support – Sometimes it’s not possible to bring your computer repair to us. Whether you have a small business with lots of equipment, a networking or internet connection issue, or cannot leave the home due to health issues, we are happy to assist you at your location.

Remote Support – Some computer repairs can be addressed remotely. This simply means we can login to your computer and resolve your computer issues without having to bring in the computer or us visiting your location. Internet connection is required.

Consulting – Computer consulting can come in many forms. Maybe you need advice on the best computer to purchase, how to setup a workstation, or you may just need some basic computer training. Whatever your situation is, we are here to provide you with the best available information. No task is too small!