In the computer repair industry, it’s not just about what type of degree you hold. Rather, it’s about your hands-on experience in the field. With over 5 years of boots-on-the-ground experience, Serenity Hovland blends a combination of university trained programming with on-the-job repair experience. With the knowledge from Montana State University’s Computer Science courses and ground zero repair work, Serenity offers top-notch know how in order to bring you the best possible repair outcome.


Ever since Serenity was a little girl, she has always expressed a passion for machines and technology.

“I used to tinker on engines with my dad and brother growing up, and tear apart stereos and VCRs. I have always had a very mechanically driven brain.”
Before Montana Computer Solutions, Serenity built and operated a successful cleaning business. Her intuitive ability and keen attention to detail helped elevate the business to include more services. Very quickly, the business became more than just cleaning; Serenity integrated property management, concierge services, and computer repair all into one service to achieve the goal of making her clients’ lives simpler and more streamlined.

Serenity began to attend Montana State University for a Computer Science degree in order to expand on her technical foundation.  While attending college, Serenity connected with the already established Montana Computer Solutions and greatly expanded her problem solving skills in a fast-paced computer repair environment.

“Working in the tech industry allows me to continue to gain experience, expertise, and to facilitate my insatiable desire to uncover problems and design or implement efficient solutions.”

Serenity had the option to purchase Montana Computer Solutions in 2015 and has been successfully carrying the torch ever since. Serenity has continued to offer e-waste recycling to clients and supports low-vision veterans with computer assistance through the VA.